Tracy Granzyk

Day 2 Reflection: Informed Consent

Having 1 year of residency training under my belt, I see first-hand the issues that come along with the “informed consent” or it might as well be called “un-informed consent” in regards to how we as a profession have limited what we tell our patients. The best patient outcomes come from honesty that starts from the day you meet your patient, to an in-depth discussion regarding the named procedure and associated risks/benefits/alternatives. One way we could make the informed consent process better is by limiting the amount of information that can be pre-populated on the form and requiring risks/benefits/alternatives to be hand-written with no abbreviations during the time we are at the patient’s bedside. It will make the entire process seem smoother and less rushed.

The informed consent process has turned into a task rather than a detailed, engaging conversation between patient and provider. I feel this is a… Continue reading

Closing Thoughts from Lisa Freeman

By Lisa Freeman

The student session at Telluride East is wrapping up and I feel very hopeful.  I came here as a patient advocate and as a family member of someone who was harmed during surgery and subsequently died.  I have had the privilege to share my family’s story with many who are here and I have been told that you have taken something positive away from it. I have watched many of the participants have “Ah ha!” moments during the various exercises and games.  Listening to the commitments that have been made, and the ideas for change that everyone is bringing back home with them, I feel hopeful that what Patty, David, Helen and I, as well as all the other victims of medical harm have experienced will occur less and less often!

One last thought that I want to share as you return back to… Continue reading

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- Bennathan Scholars (Week 3): 7/19/22 - 7/23/22
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