Stephanie Urban

Day One: Telluride

Today I heard the stories of many peers and why they decided to embark on this journey to Telluride Summer camp. From all walks of life comes a group of emerging leaders eager to find new ways to keep our patients safe. For many, this will invigorate our careers and give us a clearer idea of what exactly we would like to do to improve patient safety and outcomes in our practice environments. We are all able to bring so much to nursing and medicine just by participating in the discussions and activities that are planned. It is amazing what we can and will learn from each other by sharing one common goal: the safety of the patient.

Telluride Experience 2021 Dates

CMF Session 1*: 8/23 - 8/26
TDCF Scholars Session 2: 8/30 – 9/2

*Session exclusive to the COPIC Medical Foundation Residents.
Bennathan Scholars Session 3: 9/9 - 9/12