Transparency – How much do you weigh?

It was a great first day at Patient Safety Camp!  It is a privilege to learn from leaders in quality and safety from around the country and internationally (thanks for coming back, Kim!!).  The bigger privilege, and the one I didn’t anticipate prior to arriving, was the privilege of meeting fellow residents from around the country.  At first it was a little intimidating to be surrounded by residents who had accomplished so much as leaders in the IHI, leaders in CIR, radio talk show hosts, and pharmacists… the list went on and on.  But as the day progressed I realized that I was lucky to be surrounded by such great people that I can hopefully learn from for years to come.  We have already learned so much from each other by discussing ways to improve transparency and communication with patients, how to increase physician reporting… Continue reading

AELPS 2022 Dates

- CMF Scholars (Week 1)*: 6/5/22 - 6/9/22
*Session exclusive to COPIC Medical Foundation Residents.
- Sorrel McElroy Scholars (Week 2): 6/12/22 - 6/16/22
- Bennathan Scholars (Week 3): 7/19/22 - 7/23/22
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