What have I been doing?

I have been blaming the air for my shortness of breath.  And I have been blaming the allergy season for my tears during the film showings on these two days.   The truth is that I have been having more visceral reactions toward the patient safety stories.   It gets emotional easily when I think that my family could have been the one affected by similar events.

Obtaining informed consents occupies a relatively minor part of a resident’s day.  After viewing Michael’s story, I have to ask whether it should be the case.   The moment when an informed consent is being obtained, usually is a critical time in a patient’s stay: it means a likely diagnosis was suggested and it means a possible treatment has been proposed.

It should be a time of many questions: how was the diagnosis obtained?  what else could… Continue reading

It’s in the air.

Being from Canada, I am spoiled by gorgeous mountains, picturesque town and even snow in June. But being short of breath and having fast heart rate while relaxing in town is a first for me. The thin air is eliciting a physiological reaction that I usually feel when I see sick patients, or after I feel I might have made a mistake. Unlike in the hospital, the sensation doesn’t go away here, even after I close my eyes, it persists with every breath I take,

These few days of immersion will probably transform a lot of us. Being health care providers, we’ve gotta start breathing patient safety.

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