Cody Klinker

Telluride Napa: Day 3

It is crazy to believe that we only one more day left in Napa, California. We started our day with a nice hike up a local trail and experienced some fantastic scenery. I also got to experience some great conversation with my peers during this time. Some other highlights from today included a communication game involving dominos and a great movie showing of “Bleed Out”. We were able to have a great discussion with the creator of the movie, which was really interesting. Finally, it was great to have an aviation discussion with John Nance, the author of “Why Hospitals Should Fly”. He is so knowledgeable and the methods that he was discussing make a lot of sense in the realm of healthcare. I look forward to my last day of the conference tomorrow!

Telluride Napa: Day 2

It was another amazing day in Napa. Some of my favorite parts of the day involved our guests and faculty that shared their stories and served on a panel. We were introduced to Jack’s story today and I was inspired by his positive outlook after his medical error occurred. It shows pure determination and supports the premise that be open and honest as a provider, such as his provider was with him, can preserve a patient-provider relationship.  I also really appreciated the panel discussion that we had with Carol, Helen, and Jack. They each had there own input on a variety of patient safety questions and how the family responded to their specific events. They also highlighted the importance of communication between providers and families. After our programming today, we were able to go to a reception offered by The Doctor’s Company. It was such a nice experience and… Continue reading

Telluride Napa Day 1

My first full day of programming of The Telluride Experience: Napa 2019 was so incredible! It was a long day but full of informative and fun sessions, led by leaders in the field. After being introduced to the program, we learned how reflection through our patient safety education can help us better assess scenarios and prepare for better preventative measures. It was also very interesting learning a lot of statistics from The Doctor’s Company CEO , Dr. Anderson, regarding medical malpractice. Outside of the lectures, we were able to watch two videos about medical errors that served as another vessel for quality information. I also enjoyed playing our team building game involving the teeter totter and the communication activities where we learned effective strategies for patient interactions. I look forward to the remainder of the week in Napa!

Napa 2019: An exciting and informative week awaits me…

During my first year of medical school, I had a friend a year ahead of me that was able to attend the Napa Telluride Experience last year. She had shared with me that I would greatly benefit from applying and that I would be a good pick. Once I looked at what it all entailed, I was amazed at what an opportunity this is for medical students, nursing students, and medical residents from around the country. I have always found that learning about safety practices and trying to implement them are the best preventative ways to decrease the number of errors in the workplace, in the medical field in our instance. Before starting medical school, I took a gap year working as an administrative fellow at Van Wert Health in my hometown of Van Wert, Ohio. In this position, I worked under the COO and I was able to learn… Continue reading

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- Sorrel McElroy Scholars (Week 2): 6/12/22 - 6/16/22
- Bennathan Scholars (Week 3): 7/19/22 - 7/23/22
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