R Viviano

Mind games… but for good

So the summer camp started with a heck of a video. For following along at home or in a dissociative fugue (not enough coffee) this morning, the gist of it was as follows. A beautiful little 100 second long cartoon starts. It tells you the story of a child named Tom. This little child has brain cancer and has had multiple rounds of therapy and is starting to feel better. Then it introduces his father who is having a hard time with the cognitive dissonance of a child who suddenly feels healthier than ever, but his own knowledge that the child is still terminal with a severely limited life expectancy. There is some signs of deep struggle the father is going through and he wonders how he will stay brave for his son…. then it ends. Which causes a number of feelings. Firstly, I want to just run up and… Continue reading

AELPS 2022 Dates

- CMF Scholars (Week 1)*: 6/5/22 - 6/9/22
*Session exclusive to COPIC Medical Foundation Residents.
- Sorrel McElroy Scholars (Week 2): 6/12/22 - 6/16/22
- Bennathan Scholars (Week 3): 7/19/22 - 7/23/22
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