Rebecca Veele

The have nots

Today we heard more moving stories about egregious safety errors that are completely unbelievable. What I can’t stop thinking about, though, and was correctly pointed out today in the film, is these patient families that are sharing their stories with us are extremely intelligent, educated, and well spoken. What about the patients that just plain aren’t, aren’t as educated, aren’t as experience, aren’t as exposed. Don’t have jobs, safety nets, stable relationships for support. What chance do they have for safety? What chance do they have in understanding and participating in their care? Should measures be in place to care specifically for them? If we just made things safe and consent understandable to all ages would this difference even matter? Should safety measures be targeted towards a population? What disadvantages do they have strictly in terms of safety right when they walk in the door? Does an uneducated family that… Continue reading

A story is worth using 1,000 words

Today during Carole’s discussion on patient and family communication she highlighted how a story really helps you to remember the lesson being portrayed. Likely, a fact I have heard before, but today as I reflect all I can remember are the stories. Some entertaining, some embarrassing, some profoundly moving and some extremely emotional. All, however, purposefully shared to portray a point. I can take time to reflect on these stories and really understand and appreciate the struggles of communication, speaking up, and being mindful. Meanwhile, placing myself in these stories and I can imagine how I would act and let that influence how I might respond in the future.

I think I would also like to take away from this that if I want to draw in support and emotion showing myself as human through my own stories will be the most effective way to let those I teach remember the lessons

Day 1: More than what I bargained for

When I first thought of the title for my post, “More than what I bargained for”, I was specifically reflecting on the activities and learnings of the course yesterday, but as I am cuddled up in a robe from the world class whirlpool I enjoyed in the Spa this morning after my run I couldn’t help but thinking this resort is so much more than I bargained for also. As well as the town–last night we enjoyed an outdoor showing of Jurassic Park under the stars. There will be a lot of unforgettable memories added to what we learn here.

Reflecting on the conference portion of yesterday, I clearly came here expecting to learn about patient safety, which of course I am through the Telluride curriculum. However, thanks to the experience of all my fellow classmates I am also learning so much about how hospitals work, orders are made,… Continue reading

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