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Numberless Diverse Acts of Courage

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Yesterday afternoon the faculty and students at the “Telluride-East” Patient Safety Summer Camp visited Arlington National Cemetery.

As we paused for some reflections from our leaders Paul Levy and Dave Mayer I was overcome by the scale of what presented itself in the form of field upon field of white grave markers.

Poignant words reminded those gathered that we were indeed standing on hallowed ground and that many have given, and continue to give, the ultimate sacrifice. A sobering reality is that there are between 25 and 30 new burials every day at the cemetery.

Arlington Cemetery

Following our time of reflection I took a walk to reflect on the sacrifice, loss, and scale of what lay beneath me. 400,000 markers of lives once lived, now at rest.

In a recent piece of research published in the Journal of Patient Safety it is estimated… Continue reading

Don’t forget and regret – lessons from Bear Creek Falls

20140617_092141Many of the faculty and students at this year’s Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp Roundtable took part in a hike up to Bear Creek Falls this morning. A stunning visual reminder of the majestic beauty that is this part of the country. The hike began with us all meeting in the town of Telluride and we walked over the river and into the woods.

At the trailhead was signage welcoming hikers to the trail, and providing insights and facts to parts of the hike to the water fall. Each numbered narrative entry corresponded to a part of the map further along the trail – number 1 corresponded to the spot where we were standing – it was a note of welcome, orientation and reiteration of the good citizen expectations.

I only read the sign at the end of the hike and was particularly drawn to the final stop, the falls,… Continue reading

Language and the Words We Choose

Our language, the words we use when we use them, our inflection, emphasis, and our body language are all critical elements of building and leading a safe culture – so too are the feedback loops necessary to keep us honest.

I recently read the transcript of Don Berwick’s 2010 Yale Medical School graduation speech as case study preparation for this year’s Patient Safety Summer Camp in Telluride. One of the most poignant aspects of his speech for me, is the reminder of the power of the words we choose. Don reflects on a patient’s wife hearing the word ‘visitor’ as a label to identify her when visiting her sick husband. Don asks us to reconsider this, to change our mindsets, to think differently.

Don invites us to make a personally accountable choice to consider that it is us, physicians, nurses, housekeepers, technicians, the entire care team – that… Continue reading

Dreams from Telluride

20140609_081947Eleanor Roosevelt is quoted as saying:

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams…”

With each passing hour I am reminded how blessed, humbled and fortunate I am to be a part of this year’s Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp Roundtable. The setting up here in the mountains is surely beautiful, and so are the dreams, honesty, transparency and truthfulness of the students and their faculty.

With each presentation, discussion, break-out, game, meal, and conversation I am struck by the honesty and openness of the future of healthcare.

We cannot expect to envision and lead a truly safe healthcare culture unless we are willing to dream, and then share those dreams. For these are the dreams of transparent, trusting, patient and caregiver centered, and compassionate care.

I have already learned so much from the students and faculty here in this beautiful place, please keep telling… Continue reading

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