A ‘life’ in the balance

Today was the 1st day of the Telluride East Patient Safety Roundtable and Summer Camp! I am very excited and honored to be taking part in such a unique gathering of healthcare professionals. In addition, I look forward to learning more about patient safety; especially how to apply novel tools that will advocate change within my future work environments.

The first day was a great start in what is shaping up to be an educational, productive, AND fun learning environment. I sat through (and participated in) a whirlwind of seminars, which were engaging and incredibly informative. Meeting everyone and hearing their stories was also a valuable experience – in terms of networking, but, more importantly, in terms of making new friends.

In the afternoon, we broke into groups to complete a game of teeter-totter, which consisted of balancing ~8 people on a plank of wood suspended on… Continue reading

Telluride Experience 2021 Dates

CMF Session 1*: 8/23 - 8/26
TDCF Scholars Session 2: 8/30 – 9/2

*Session exclusive to the COPIC Medical Foundation Residents.
Bennathan Scholars Session 3: 9/9 - 9/12