Margaret Krackeler

Telluride @ Napa Day 2 Reflection: From a Movement to a Mentality

Similar to the previous day, I found myself incredibly moved by the film presented regarding Michael Skolnik’s experience and subsequent death. While I was shocked to learn of the neurosurgeon’s actions and attitude during the whole ordeal and resulting consequences, I was truly surprised by the number of conference participants who could identify an instance when they had encountered or interacted with a similar physician. It seems like common sense that in a field dedicated to improving people’s health, all of the members in the profession would require basic traits such as compassion and empathy to succeed. Yet, I am instead hearing of countless examples where the opposite is true, and it leaves me dumbfounded.

The paternalistic model of patient-doctor communication has allowed the past generation of physicians to build an exaggerated sense of self-worth and importance, given the authority to quite literally dictate the lives… Continue reading

Telluride @ Napa Day 1 Reflection – ‘Only the Family Knows All’

My experience at Telluride began with an intellectual discussion over drinks with a doctor of nursing practice student and a second year resident. It astounded me that I had the opportunity to casually listen to and learn from these experienced medical professionals who held the safety of their patients in high regard. It was great to hear that while we still have a ways to go, there is hope in changing medical practices through the younger generation of doctors and nurses. It set a positive, hopeful tone on the rest of the conference experience.

The quote that stuck with me the most from my first day at the conference was from the Lewis Blackman story. Helen Haskell states that after her son’s death, she was expecting the hospital to call her because she was the only one who knew the whole story. She witnessed the doctors’ premature closure,… Continue reading

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