I am a doctoral student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. My research focus is Interprofessional education, communication, and teamwork and their impact on patient safety.

Rock stars

As I settle back into my daily routine with kids, husband and house… I think of the friends I made this week and two words come to mind…. ROCK STARS.

On the initial day when we each stood up, two by two, I was so impressed with the accomplishments of a group that seemed so young.  I was even more impressed when I met and interacted with each of you and got to know you better.  All of you have such a nice balance of intelligence, personality, humility, and ambition.  You are all rock stars and I have no doubt – you will be great leaders in your respective fields.

Since the conference, Patty Skolnik opened my eyes to the importance of patient engagement and activation.  All this time I have been focusing on inter-professional teamwork and communication, which although vital, are only half of the… Continue reading


As I watched the Michael Skolnik story today… I wept. I wept for what Michael and his family  had to endure. I wept for Patty and David.  I wept for the promise of a great kid come to a close. I wept in fear of what if that was my son .

I related to Patty when she said she was “vulnerable in the moment”, and reflected on my emergency room visits with my own children.  The nurse with 20 years experience, defers to the physician willing to fix the gash or the broken elbow at any cost. I did not question, I did not counter… I was at the mercy of their presence and expertise. I plead with the anesthesiologist to take care of my most precious gift.

I realize that even with all of my inter-professional education experience, I have been missing a huge component.… Continue reading


As I reflect on a wonderful first day, the notion of power keeps coming up as I ponder how to bring about this much needed patient safety revolution. The power structure needs to be shaken up a bit, falling heavily into the hands of the patient and family. NO longer should patients be at the mercy of a fragmented and hierarchical system.

How can we redistribute the power? Educate the young, regulate the old, and gain genuine buy in and support from organizational leadership. Who has the power to regulate the old and influence leadership to embrace a culture of patient safety. How do we convince those in power, to give it up, for the sake of patient safety?

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