Lightbulbs and Helpful Advice from Day 3 of Telluride Patient Safety Roundtable

A lightbulb: Today we discussed the importance of including patients at risk analysis meetings and as members of QI teams because they keep us honest.  I couldn’t agree more and also realized today that there are things that happen and are said within the health care setting that I would have found appalling prior to entering medical school.  But somewhere along the way (probably most profoundly during third year) I lost sense of this.  Things I should find egregious I don’t.  Here is where we absolutely need patients and members of the community to provide a reality check and put us back in touch with a perspective we can’t always access any more.

Helpful Advice from David Mayer as I begin applying to residency programs and want to find one in which I will continue to learn and be pushed around issues of patient safety and… Continue reading


Collusion: When a person perpetuates the system of oppression by action, inaction or silence because she/he internalizes the false belief that the system is correct or fears repercussions or chooses to stay unaware, or refuses to take action.  [Definition from National Conference for Community and Justice’s Anytown Institute , Glossary of Terms]

Today at the Telluride Roundtable we discussed (among many things!) who should report and whose responsibility it is to take action when patient safety and effective communication are at risk.  This term “collusion” kept popping into my head.  I first came to know the term when challenged to think about oppression surrounding identities such as race, class, gender, sex and sexual orientation.  For example, collusion with racism is “[t]hinking and acting in ways that support the system of racism.  White people can actively collude by joining groups that advocate white supremacy.  All… Continue reading

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