Kim Huynh

Another insightful day

Today another lived experience was shared. It was that of a widowed husband, this time from the UK, who shared the experience of his wife, undergoing what was a routine surgery but ended up not making it to surgery and having a fatal consequence as a net result of an adverse event and subsequent accrual of system failures, particularly those of a human factor nature. This brings to the light the many human factors that we continually witness in practice, which may be harmful especially when aligned in particular contexts, notably in situations that are unfamiliar or deviate from the norm. One of the things I particularly reflected on is how we as humans are fallible to task focus and makes us become situationally unaware. It is something we need to keep in mind when retrospectively analysing incidents. Even I have to admit that I have been unaware on occasion.… Continue reading

Reflections on Patient Stories at TE: Sydney #AELPS16

Many things stood out yesterday but I shall just make a note of a few things. Some of the things that resonated with me yesterday was listening to people’s lived experiences that resulted from a cumulative effect of system errors, such that when aligned can be tragically fatal. Take for example the story of Helen’s son in the USA. I was just squirming in my chair with discomfort watching it, and at time unbearable to watch how the situation unfolded. Yes, there is the power of hindsight, but rather than have a punitive view of the individuals, it highlights the totality of errors when they align and have flow-on effects. Rather, it allows us to reflect on the system we work in and how those actions and cognitions could have occurred in our workplace. So it was a learning curve and this is a film that needs to be shown… Continue reading

AELPS 2022 Dates

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- Bennathan Scholars (Week 3): 7/19/22 - 7/23/22
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