Changing the culture is like herding cats

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The clip with the cowboys herding cats really got me thinking.  I love cats and I have 3 of them.  They each have their own personality.  We adopted our first cat about 6 years ago.  She was a kitten, and I had brought her home for my daughter as a Christmas present.  One day, before leaving for work, I heard the kitten meowing and began to look all over the house for her.  I finally found her about 20 minutes later, when I went to reach for a drink in the refridgerator, where she was sitting on the middle shelf.  She had jumped in when I went to get milk out for my cereal.  I went to work telling all my friends my crazy cat story.

About a week later I came home from work and I… Continue reading


First I just want to say thank you to everyone that has put this whole experience together for us. I feel so lucky to be a part of this group and to learn from everyone here. Todays experience was so enlightening. It is hard to pick a few things to talk about because there were so many good points that were made throughout the day. I guess the one statement that stayed with me all day and makes me say ok this is why I am here was the statement about the Lewis Blackman story. I don’t remember if it was in the movie or if it was the faculty that said it but they said that the hospital was the one place that he could not get the medical care that he needed. That just really struck me hard. It really brings home just how important our jobs are… Continue reading

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