Kristin Dolan

By Kristin Dolan

Day 2!

I was not sure day 2 could actually top day 1.  I was unable to post yesterday, but I feel day 1 deserves some attention.  I found the case of Lewis Blackman to be both eye opening and disturbing. I am a pediatrician and taking care of my patients is usually only half the battle. Patents are an integral part of the care we provide.  I absolutely love what I do and as I am finishing the last month of my residency, I feel that while I’ve learned so much about how to be a doctor, I’ve learned almost more about how to communicate with families. Helen had a concern and it never got to the right person. That is a failure of the system.  Whether parent’s concerns are real or not, they are present and should never be ignored. Lewis’ case will forever… Continue reading

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