Isaac Hernandez

Quality and Novel Delivery Models

We talked extensively about informed consent, and a key question was raised: “if true informed consent and shared-decision making occurs between providers and patients, will that reduce revenue?”

Although the question on this is a difficult one to answer, my thought is to say no. Along those same lines, Dave Mayer also commented that one group, particularly at MedStar Health, that has been on the forefront of improving processes has been Orthopedic Surgery. They have realized the paramount need to reduce variation in their practice patterns. As they say: No outcome, no income.

I wanted to comment particularly about a growing model of delivering care to patients, particularly with complex and semi-elective surgeries. This particular model is called Employers Centers of Excellence Network (ECEN). It basically is a form of value-based purchasing in which large companies such as Lowe’s, McKesson, Wal-Mart participate. If one of their employees needs a procedure… Continue reading

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