We Need Help Too! – Caring for the Caregiver

Throughout today’s discussions a quiet theme churned in my head…caregivers need care too. Although it is often said, I do not believe we truly pay attention to those few words or give thought to how we can accomplish it. Too often medical professionals are skipping lunches, expanding their forever growing bladder capabilities, and ignoring the ache in their back and feet…and this is only the tip of the iceberg. When a patient experience undue harm, the caregiver feels it too. It is as if the bullet of medical error that went through the patient made it’s way to the tender heart and mind of the caregiver, creating a second victim within the scenario. Unfortunately, current practice is to give the caregiver a pat on the back and say “better luck next time,” as if this is a game. As healthcare workers we are responsible for standing up and making it… Continue reading

I Have A Question…Is That OK?

Throughout today’s discussion various moments truly hit home to me, especially in regards to communicating with patients and families. People come to hospitals often in their most dire time of need, not to simply chat and sip coffee. Stress, fear, anger, and uncertainty mar the face of these individuals, leaving them to appear disfigured in comparison to their standard facade…leaving them at their most vulnerable. As healthcare workers it is our duty to identify that these people are hurting and understand that communication can assist in stopping the hemorrhage of “what if’s” and begin to help with the healing process.

Bringing to light that it is normal for individuals to have questions, I feel, is so important. As it was examined today, asking patients and families “what concerns you?” or “what bothers you about this?” truly provides an opportunity for individuals to stand up for themselves without feeling the pressures… Continue reading

Premature Closure – Not Fighting Back

Within my short time as a nurse there have been few cases that have truly stuck with me…but one in particular ate away at every ounce of my moral conscious…encompassing my thoughts for more than three months after my brief interaction with the patient. And the worst part was that for the longest time I thought I was one of the only nurses who did not stand up for what was right based on a gut feeling.

A 24 yr old male presented with acute confusion and fevers; otherwise healthy. The doctor…one whom was new to our unit but with many years of practice…immediately dismissed the case as being polysubstance abuse with instruction to re-hydrate, obtain a toxicology screen, and discharge. My gut told me otherwise, but I deferred and followed the idea of poly-substance abuse…until the tox came back negative. At that point I tried to advocate…convinced the doctor… Continue reading

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