Gianna Ohara

Creating a safer system

I am struck by the lack of education in our institutions. Today’s lessons were profoundly important and informative, yet, our schools do not have room for things in their education such as human factor engineering and negotiations. They don’t even make time for true team building!

Human factors engineering is an amazingly important field that I didn’t even know existed. The fact that problems are fixed by relabeling items is something I was unconsciously aware of but never knew to verbalize. When discussing it today, I realized just how ridiculous our society is! It is as crazy as putting a band aid over a gaping gash on your arm. It will not fix the system! In fact, it will continue to infect and fester, plaguing any people that cross its path. Pretty soon this behavior eeks out into all avenues of the world and your septic. Of course things… Continue reading

Check back communication

Check back communication is so incredibly impactful in life, but particularly the healthcare profession. There are always times when clarification is needed but people are too scared to speak up. The Domino Game was a great way to embrace check back communication and highlight the importance of it. It seems as though a training like that should be held for a team every so often. Additionally, it seems as though questionnaires on how the healthcare team members communicate would be very useful.

In love, there are different “love languages” according to Gary Chapman: words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch. I am almost certain the same concepts resonate in healthcare language (with different categorizations, of course). It would be fantastic to see something like that put into place in a hospital setting so the staff knows how they communicate best and how others… Continue reading


As I sit here thinking about our first day at the Telluride East Conference, I am struck by the fact that there are even this many people that feel as strongly about patient safety as I do. It is reassuring to know that there are others from all walks of life advocating for the same things. Even more impressive are the patient advocates that devote their lives to promote patient safety in their own way/venue. I am thoroughly impressed by the selflessness and poise it takes for them to educate the budding healthcare professionals as opposed to berate the system for its flaws.

While the healthcare system has flaws, so does everything in life. The great thing is when there is something we can do about it, even if it is challenging!

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