Gang warfare

In 1961, French historian and philosopher Rene Girard described a concept of mimetic desire, through which all human conflict is mediated. Based on his principle, the desire for possession of a singular item by two or more parties is likely to be settled through violence of action in order to take control of the object of desire. To imagine this in real life, picture that two children were given uninhibited access to a toy store. One child was allowed in first and began playing with a toy. A second child following shortly enters the store. Though both the children are allowed any toy in the store, which toy would the second child want to play with? What further degrades the situation is that the first child laid initial claim to the toy and is certainly not going to give up. Therefore, in a room full of toys two children fight… Continue reading

Roger That

I was asked by a medical student last evening over a beer to describe from my nurse’s perspective what our single greatest “pet peeve.” I indicated to him the interactions between physicians and nurses are always multifactorial and the singular view I could offer may limit some of the overall answer’s effect. I described to him the example of a nurse engaging a physician regarding a patient concern. When a nurse pages a physician to report a change in clinical status, especially when it may warrant physician intervention, often the nurse is frustrated when there is no follow-up response to their inquiry. If there is no immediate intervention assigned, often the response is something like, “Let me take a look at the labs and I’ll call you back with some orders.” Sometimes, what occurs is that orders are placed but the individual responsible to execute them is never made aware… Continue reading


The oasis is often recognized as a critical milestone and safe zone along an austere and barren route. To travel deserts without the incidence of a viable oasis was essentially certain death. Sometimes in healthcare, the landscape and trajectory of our professional careers begins to resemble a sojourn through difficult terrain, hopefully punctuated with spots of salvation and rest. I stated today in our reflection session that I desire to renew hope and trust. I stated so as I have begun to become disillusioned with American healthcare and it’s potential future state. I am less hopeful at times because I perceive it as a decaying institution, terribly expensive, inefficient and dangerous in application. Most frighteningly, as a complicit associate of American healthcare, I am compelled to look inward and account for my own misguidance in action and the remedial opportunities I never sought. As a nurse, have I ever participated… Continue reading

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