Daewoong Lee

Day 3: Hike, Michael, HRO, and Negotiation 2

Brainstorming my own safety/QI project:

  • Curriculum
    • Introduce safety moment to weekly grand rounds.
    • OSCE module on disclosing medical errors
  • Start Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) open chapter at home institution

Morning hike to the waterfall


  • Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain. – Anonymous

Movie: Michael Skolnik

  • https://youtu.be/n83gd1piUu4
  • Nothing about me without me
  • University of Utah hospital took it upon themselves to share reviews/comments about physicians by patients and publish star rating.
    • What a brave move to promote transparency of care for patients!
    • The way it happened according to my rudimentary understanding
      • Problem: doctors in hospital do not receive feedback about their care
      • Solution: allow patients to write reviews about their care experiences.
      • 3 Stages of implementation
        • First, the comments and star rating was only shared with the particular physician
        • Second, the visibility of the rating expanded to respective… Continue reading

Day 2: Transparency, Negotiation, John Nance

My take-home points and remaining questions from today:

1. Transparency is critical when dealing with medical errors. We are doomed to repeat mistakes if we don’t learn from the past. Barriers exist, but when the focus is re-centered on patients, money and professional integrity fall into the right place.

What the patients and families want to hear after medical errors

  • Recognition: investigation
  • The truth
  • Regret: apology if necessary
  • Prevention of similar harm to others
  • Remedy (“benevolent gestures”)

2. Strategic negotiation:

  • Always remember the best alternative
  • Solving their problem is part of your problem.
  • Having lived in countries where haggling is a daily, routine occurrence, I felt well-prepared for Hamilton Real Estate case as a buyer. Ultimately I decided to call off the negotiation because the other party had the key information which I assumed was not in their possession. This new information significantly increased the value of… Continue reading

Day 1: Lewis, Domino, and Sponge

Recap of what I applied to my learning and follow-up questions:


  • “Educate the young, regulate the old”
    • Witty and sensible to an extent, but does it work when the young have to work under the shadow of the old? Medicine is a top-down hierarchy, and bottom-up change is not only insurmountable but also often not sustainable.
    • At the same time, becoming a positive deviant has its own value that cannot be diminished. I just wonder whether there is concurrent top-down efforts.
  • What can I do with Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)? I would like to learn more.

Movie: Lewis Blackman (patient) and Helen Haskell (mother)

  • The patients and families need to know that night times and weekends the level of care is not the same. It is recommended to have a caretaker at bedside, and why not admit the systemic weakness and invite them… Continue reading
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