Amy Riggleman

Wednesday, a week later

Pardon my tardiness on my reflection from Wednesday…

Someone brought up that we have to look into mistakes to figure out why someone strayed from protocol or why their action made sense to them at the time. That was the first time my workplace’s SRS (safety reporting system) made sense to me. It’s supposed to be non-punitive, but you always get “talked to” about an SRS, always by a superior, and it usually feels punitive. I wonder what my workplace is doing with the information gathered from SRS reports. Are they actually being used to prevent issues in the future?

Another thing I noticed on Wednesday.. After Carole shared her story with us, it was really difficult to focus on Gwen’s presentation. While it was an interactive presentation, I just could not really listen well after such an emotional moment. We need to keep this mental block in mind after… Continue reading

Looking back on the week…

Overall, I’m so thankful for the Telluride Experience. After hiking all weekend with plenty of time to reflect, I think interprofessional relationships are vital  for our ability to speak up about safety concerns. Following the conference, my friends and I set off hiking through the snow-covered San Juans. We frequently lost the trail.  We’d say “Hey, I think the trail actually goes up that way,” or “careful, that rock is loose” when crossing a river. We set expectations when we knew the trail was poorly marked or steep and snow-covered. We promised that if one person felt uncomfortable, we’d turn around. We were hiking outside our skill sets, and when one person felt we were getting into too much snow, we kept our promise and turned around without challenging her decision. Why are we so hesitant to speak up like this in a professional setting, when… Continue reading

Monday on the Mountain

Yesterday, I groggily boarded the shuttle to Mountain Village with four strangers. After quick introductions and some small talk about the area, we settled in for our scenic drive from Montrose. We dug deeper than small talk over lunch and quickly appreciated our similarities, as well as the diverse backgrounds that brought us together for the week. My experience in Telluride so far has revolved around my appreciation for MD/nursing collaboration at this conference. I have met med students, learned quirky facts about them, and have begun to understand and appreciate the journey they’re on as they become practitioners. This opportunity to spend potentially vulnerable time together is a great chance to realize that we’re all human. We all have hobbies, pets, favorite foods, and a unique reason that brings us here today. This interdisciplinary experience will absolutely affect my interactions with med students and residents when I return… Continue reading

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- Sorrel McElroy Scholars (Week 2): 6/12/22 - 6/16/22
- Bennathan Scholars (Week 3): 7/19/22 - 7/23/22
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