Andrew Kramer

pre-arrival post

I’m Andrew, a PGY-3 pediatric resident in Washington DC and I’m really excited to attend the Telluride conference next week for several reasons. Some of my co-residents went last year and clearly learned and grew so much and have been really helpful in implementing some effective system change this year. One of them in particular has really taken on how the EMR works in our NICU to better lend toward safe outcomes for the tiny patients there. She recognized that a lot of errors were occurring and people were always trying to blame others when really there was a system overhaul that needed to happen.

Going through residency and being so involved in the hospital for almost 3 years, you really see a lot of people get upset when terms like ‘patient safety’ or ‘risk management’ get thrown around because people associate them with blame, litigation, etc… I think we… Continue reading

AELPS 2022 Dates

- CMF Scholars (Week 1)*: 6/5/22 - 6/9/22
*Session exclusive to COPIC Medical Foundation Residents.
- Sorrel McElroy Scholars (Week 2): 6/12/22 - 6/16/22
- Bennathan Scholars (Week 3): 7/19/22 - 7/23/22
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