To be obnoxious.

“I’m a little obnoxious sometimes,” claimed Dan Ford this afternoon discussing his fervent advocacy of root cause analyses in response to sentinel events. Earlier that morning, Mandy too had confessed to being “that annoying nurse” who unabashedly telephones on-call residents when a concern arises. These champions of patient safety proudly own these deprecatory adjectives like “obnoxious” and “annoying” because they know that their actions are challenging the status quo for the betterment of patient care.

It is my hope that all of us, students and professionals alike, emerge from this week in Telluride a bit more enthusiastic about being obnoxious. To be “obnoxious” in this context is to put our patients’ needs first in spite of a bruised ego. We “annoy” despite the fear of openly defying the medical culture’s norms, and we “irritate” others because we have the courage to understand that it will take assertive individuals to lead… Continue reading

Telluride Resident Summer Camp Class of 2014 Introductions

Dave_Leads_ClassMeet this year’s Telluride Patient Safety Summer Camp class of resident physician alumni, poised to change the world of patient safety and patient care!

This year’s residents are working in: Rehab medicine, pediatrics, emergency and internal medicine, anesthesia, radiology and looking to gain acceptance to fellowships in pulmonary critical care, hem/onc, GI, hepatobiliary surgery, nephrology, interventional radiology, health administration, robotic surgery and pediatric anesthesia.

Members of this year’s group were born as far away as India, Taiwan and Germany, have attended medical school in Iowa, Missouri, California, Georgia, Texas, Utah, New York and Poland, and are doing their residencies across the country with a large contingent attending from the MedStar Health system in the Washington DC/Baltimore area, from New York and California hospitals and sponsored by the Committee of Interns and Residents in New York, and by COPIC in Colorado, representing a respectable cross section of the… Continue reading

AELPS 2022 Dates

- CMF Scholars (Week 1)*: 6/5/22 - 6/9/22
*Session exclusive to COPIC Medical Foundation Residents.
- Sorrel McElroy Scholars (Week 2): 6/12/22 - 6/16/22
- Bennathan Scholars (Week 3): 7/19/22 - 7/23/22
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