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Reflections from Telluride East

First and foremost, I’d like to thank all the leadership, instructors, and patient families for having me and taking the time out of thier busy schedules to share with us their valuable information and experiences.  I will echo what Rick said yesterday in that this conference definitely re-ignited that fire in me to change our culture in Medicine and put the focus back on patients and their safety and well-being.  When I go back to my slightly younger self to think of how I expected to be as a physician, I never thought of the negative effects I could have on patients, I only thought of myself as a healer.  Then I said to myself, “OK, I can change my ways and improve myself so that I am better aware of errors around me or because of me, and correct them before they do real harm to… Continue reading

“Some is not a number and soon is not a time”

By Fiona Campbell (Medical Student at the University of Calgary)

It was refreshing to hear all of the insightful closing comments from all of the Telluride East participants today, and exciting to hear what we all plan to work towards as we return to our schools. It’s easy to see why we would all come away with such momentum and inspiration. This week was full of eye-opening discussions and thought-provoking workshops. It’s easy to feel empowered by everyone with a shared passion, and to think that we really can make healthcare better around the world.

But it’s also easy to succumb to real life and let that momentum fizzle away. It’s easy to forget how important patient safety is when you’re once again surrounded by leaders who don’t value it. It’s easy to get caught up in all of the knowledge we are expected to learn at school and forget… Continue reading

How can we teach?…

My Fellow Telluride Patient Safety Gurus,

What an incredible week! I have been so fortunate to be surrounded by such a brilliant group of people leading change all over the country. You have all inspired me and energized me to go back and promote the mission that we have all set out for ourselves- create a system that is patient first.

Inspired by Rick’s proverbs reminding us all that we are teachers and it is our responsibility to share the knowledge that we have gained to improve our systems, I’ve come up with an idea on how to approach teaching informed consent to our fellow residents.

But how do we teach?…How do we teach hundred of grown adults, physicians, those set in their ways with their own ideologies and beliefs that may or may not contradict yours. How do you teach change?…

Here’s my attempt:
Create an “Informed Consent Checklist.”… Continue reading

Post Telluride Roundtable Reflections: Process Improvement-Real-Time Results by Julie Morrison #TPSER8

Upon returning to UT medical center from Telluride, I was filled with motivation and a new sense of purpose. Something had changed in me out there. I used to be more of a ‘thinker’ (forever told I would be good as an internist) and not so much of a “doer.” I struggled with this during my third year of medical school because I saw so many areas of improvement but often sat near the sidelines gathering information rather than jumping in and stimulating change. At Telluride I was so encouraged by the perspective of the senior faculty; the fact that they found similar aspects of the clinical world frustrating or inefficient and were looking for a collaborative team to face these challenges reinforced my perspective and encouraged me to take action. Telluride gave me a better vision of the organization and hierarchy of a hospital as well as the tools… Continue reading

Wonderful Start with New Friends

As we finish up the second day of the Telluride Patient Safety Roundtable here in beautiful western Colorado, I cannot help but think about what I have already taken away regarding patient safety and quality improvement from both the Roundtable itself and those who I am surrounded by.  For instance, I have been amazed with a number of interesting and innovative approaches to QI and patient safety at other medical schools around the country.  Certificate programs, interdisciplinary coursework, teamwork simulations, and clinical rotation QI projects are only a few of the great ideas that I have heard.  While I am immensely enjoying my time in Colorado, I can truly say that I am looking forward to getting the opportunity to return to my medical school to weave a number of these novel approaches into our curriculum.  With two more days left, I can only imagine what… Continue reading

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