Tanya Naguszewski

Why is Telluride, CO so awesome?

Tride_Brkout_StudentsCaseStudyWhat makes Telluride, CO awesome? The faculty and campers of the 2015 Patient Safety Summer Camp creating excitement about patient safety! By planting the seeds of open communication between caregivers and patients, and utilizing tools and strategies to reduce patient harm this amazing group of individuals has the opportunity to be the change agents that reform our current healthcare system. Maintaining open communication lines between healthcare professionals and the patients they care for leads to opportunities to learn from our human errors and create systems to prevent those same errors from occurring in the future, which ultimately results in better patient outcomes. However, there are barriers to creating transparency. Barriers such as fear, punishments, incompetent feelings, litigation, lack of training and skills, lack of protocol for transparency, ego, and hierarchy stand in our way of a transparent culture. On the other hand, the benefits of open and honest communication with… Continue reading

Telluride Experience Student and Resident Sessions for 2017 are now full!

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For Medical and Nursing Students
In Telluride, CO: June 11-15
In Napa, CA: July 16-20
In Turf Valley, MD: July 26-30

For Resident Physicians
In Telluride, CO: June 4-9
In Napa, CA: July 16-20
In Turf Valley, MD: July 26-30

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