2018 Telluride Experience Sessions Are Now Full!

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What is The Academy for Emerging Leaders in Patient Safety: The Telluride Experience?

–Click on the video to the left and hear from Telluride Faculty on why we added sessions for healthcare leaders!
–Click on the video below to hear from students and faculty as they share what it means to be part of the Telluride Experience and network.

2018 Telluride Experience Sessions are Now Full! Check back for 2019 dates to be announced later this year.

Deadline: January 31, 2018

For Medical and Nursing Students and Resident Physicians
In Breckenridge, CO: Sunday 6/3 – Thursday 6/7
In Napa, CA: Sunday 7/15 – Thursday 7/19
In Turf Valley, MD: Wednesday 7/25 – Sunday 7/29

For Healthcare Leaders
*Early bird discount through 11/17!
In Tempe, AZ: Tuesday 3/27 – Friday 3/30

Become part of a growing and preeminent patient safety and healthcare quality education alumni network by attending one of our 2018 sessions.

Take a look at comments and reflections from this year’s Patient Safety Summer Camp sessions on the Telluride Summer Camp blog found here, at Educate the Young, or on Twitter via #TPSER10 or @TPSSC.

“The energy of our resident and student alumni is invigorating, and something we as faculty look forward to each year. It recharges our efforts at the front lines of care or hospital administration, and we hope, contributes to making care that much safer for patients around the world.”

Dave Mayer MD, founder

“It is clear that our week in Telluride transformed out thinking around quality and safety.”

Michael Kantrowitz MD, Telluride Scholar 2012

“If I had spent the last four days locked in a library researching patient safety literature non-stop, I would not have walked away with as much knowledge, enthusiasm and support as I acquired…”

John Hatoun MD, Telluride Scholar 2012

“If every healthcare professional attended one of the Telluride Experience sessions we would not have the same problem with preventable medical harm that we do today. These sessions reconnect providers with the reason they went into healthcare in the first place.”

Tracy Granzyk, MS, Telluride Faculty since 2008

“The past two days…not only have re-framed why I truly entered medical school; to make a difference in my patients’ lives to the best of my capabilities, but it has also taught me what a great physician should be like…”

Geoffroy Faucet M3, Telluride Scholar 2014

Best line of the day: Infallible people make medical errors. @TPSSC #AELPS11 #ptsafety #meded #transparency


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