Sahana Nazeer

TTE Reflection (Day #2)

It’s quite difficult to write this reflection one day removed from yesterday’s events. What was shared yesterday requires a much longer time – contextualized by more introspectiveness and observation – to truly digest and process. So, I write this knowing that it likely only reflects one aspect of yesterday’s personal impact.

I would be remiss to not centralize the panel of patient-advocates. When the panel shared their stories, all I could think of was how courageous they are. From what they experienced to how they have impacted meaningful change because of those events – hard to find descriptive words that would do them true justice. I am inspired by their courage. Navigating the healthcare system as a student, a woman, a person of color, an immigrant, etc. while holding the principles of advocacy, justice, and equity that have been taught to me by the educational (including medical) system has been… Continue reading

TTE Reflection (Day #1)

Both the film we watched and the Teeter Totter exercise strongly impacted me today. In the film, I was particularly shaken by the massive number of opportunities each person had to notice a failure in the system and still did not. Over the course of the weekend, there were multiple educated professionals who were meant to have the skills and knowledge to identify and intervene accordingly. And they all went in and out of that room. We learn about anchoring and confirmation bias in medical school, but it was a difficult-to-put-into-words experience to watch those concepts lead to a fatal outcome. In a way, the exercise with the Teeter Totter better informed how I felt. When we debriefed after the exercise, right after our group failed to protect one of our egg-cellent patients with the last two people hopping off, the point was made that most “failures” occur when people… Continue reading

Pre-TTE Reflection (Day #0)

I applied to attend TTE prior to starting my clinical rotations as an MS3 with the intention of better understanding the healthcare system – in ways that are not necessarily taught or addressed in the first two preclinical years of medical school. Now having completed MS3 rotations, my intention is not any different but rather it is more apparent just how broad and deep of a goal it is to fully understand our healthcare system.

Clinical rotations vary heavily from residents and attendings to specialities and institutions. My experience was no different. And yet, each rotation was essentially the same: we, as students, were the extra body in the room – eager to learn and help without always a one-hundred percent understanding of how to do so. The pre-reading for TTE reminded me, now a few weeks removed from clinical rotations, just how important it is to maintain that enthusiasm… Continue reading

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