Raiza Majam


The whole week, it was full of tears because of all the stories heard and the movies seen. It was a feeling that I work in healthcare and just the disbelief that such things do happen. Tears also because of the things that you see in the hospital that I work on that I have seen and heard and looking back I did not do anything about it. I have hidden in that wall of silence, and I do feel ashamed of that. I have put labels on patients and neglected the fact that they are human. I have not spoken up and just walked away. I have not given a listening ear because there was too much work and tasks on hand. I was too focused on making sure the work is done but neglected the fact to pause and reflect on the day. I forgot to pause and… Continue reading


The experience with the Escape room was definitely very mind opening. Working with people that have not the escape room before and was able to pull it through. Teamwork, communication was definitely a great exercise. The Movie Bleed Out by Steve Burrows was very moving. I left with tears but a vision that on day I will be part of the team that can make changes in the healthcare system and make it safer for the patients and to the care providers too. The movie was very moving, and I was shocked that there is something called eICU. I would have never thought that they would make that available for the critical patients. I am also grateful for Steve Burrows for the courage to show the truth in healthcare. Thank you for the experience. I am very sad that it is almost over

DAY 2 Reflections

Communication is definitely a big key in patient safety. Communication can either ruin a patient and care provider relationship or it can progress to something great. Few things I have learned today is that communication holds the key to a caring process in healthcare. I have learned that taking a step back and just reflect makes a huge difference. Today, I have learned that I also need to focus on my coworkers and to make sure that I check up on them. I know that when a caregiver is in distress, patient safety can be at risk and also the care given cannot be a quality one. I have taken to account that I should emphasize and bring home a statement, “Patients are human beings and we have to stop putting tags on them and take time to listen to them and be silent for a few moments.”

This experience… Continue reading

Day 1 Reflection

I did not expect how beautiful of an experience it would be. Learning through listening and engaging is a strategy that I have always honed into my teaching strategy as a preceptor in the nursing world. One thing that struck me the most was definitely the movie. A lot of emotions came mostly sad, and thoughts came into play of what could have done better. I was moved how Helen; the mom made that painful experience into something beautiful by having a legacy named after Lewis that is now saving lives. I have always been a believer of calling Rapid Response and I am truly bringing this experience back in my hospital that ASKING FOR HELP is Okay. I will also keep practicing and teaching the Reflective Mindset. It is very easy to just keep going with the task on hand, but it is important to just PAUSE for a… Continue reading

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