David Sailer

Pre-TTE reflection

I’m excited to be joining you all for this experience in the next few days! It seems like it was ages ago when I submitted my application and COVID threw our lives into chaos but am glad that we are all now able to meet and learn from one another. There are many directions I can take this short blog post, but the reason why I applied and why I’m still going is not only the same but has been amplified during my internship year of medicine.

When I first applied, I was going into my MS4 year of medical school at UNC. I had just finished a longitudinal workshop on physician leadership. While we learned about many things, one was the idea of Just Culture and how it applied to NHRMC, the satellite campus of UNC in Wilmington NC. Just Culture is important for any organization or managerial structure,… Continue reading

AELPS 2022 Dates

- CMF Scholars (Week 1)*: 6/5/22 - 6/9/22
*Session exclusive to COPIC Medical Foundation Residents.
- Sorrel McElroy Scholars (Week 2): 6/12/22 - 6/16/22
- Bennathan Scholars (Week 3): 7/19/22 - 7/23/22
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